It all started a few months ago, when the famous Australian Tv show ” Luxury Escapes” approached us asking us if we would have liked to be their guests during their Florence episode. Of course, we were delighted to bring a bit of Tuscany to Australia, and we agreed on taking them on board a Eliiss Bespoke Experience. The Luxury Escapes Tv shows is a more than just a Tv show. It’s a luxury travel agency that offers bespoke luxury escapes and experiences in the most beautiful parts of the world. And of course Florence, Tuscany was on their list. The morning was dedicated to the Eliiss Bag Experience. We met at the beautiful Villa le Maschere, a 5 stars hotel in Tuscany, and we took them through the steps of creating the artisanal luxury bag of your dream.  Starting with a brainstorming phase, the designer will take you through a magical journey of inspirations. The only limit is your imagination. When the designer is finally able to read your dreams, she will start drawing your very unique bag. Together with your comments and feedback, the bag design will slowly come to life. The last part is the most fun one: the material and colour selection. Material samples will be there for you to choose from. Endless combinations and only the very best material, of course, all made in Italy. Get ready to spend quite a long time on this phase, and we ensure you, you will simply love it! The bag will be then handcrafted by talented artisans,in Tuscany,  the same ones that handcrafted Valentino bags, and will be sent to your home, together with a photo book of the bag creation. 

When you book an Eliiss Holiday Experience, you have much more to experience than just the artisanal creation. That’s why in the afternoon we took the Luxury Escapes crew to another magical Eliiss experience: a very special wine tasting.

Filippo, the most talented wine expert in Tuscany, took us to a magical journey inside the Castello di Monsanto 18th-century cellars, where tomorrow’s wines are maturing and those of yesterday rest, with a reserve of historic vintages equal to few in the world. One of the biggest wine cellars in  Europe. Filippo’s passion for wine made him one of the most famous wine experts in the world. He even took Obama and Michelle on a very special wine tasting tour. You can imagine how much the Luxury Escapes crew was fascinated by this unforgettable experience. 

Florence and Tuscany have so much to offer. But there is nothing more precious to experience the authenticity of this region in all its forms.