Italy, a place that usually is synonymous with love, culture, art, architecture, great food & wine, design & style beauty. A holiday destination for millions of people who come here every year to feel the magic vibes of this spectacular corner of the world. But today, Italy means only one thing: COVID19. We are facing what we can loudly call a real catastrophe. Deaths became numbers. Numbers become fear. Fear of losing someone, fear of being responsible for infecting someone we love. Fear of living. Yes because at the moment we have all pressed the “pause” button. We are on hold. In standby. We are afraid of the future but we are even more scared of the present. They say that in fear situations everybody becomes selfish and fight for their own life. Yes, maybe somewhere else. But not in Italy. So yes, Italy is still synonymous with LOVE. It’s touching to see how many acts of love are happening every day around us. Doctors and nurses and everybody involved with the healthcare system are the first ones fighting this war no stop. They are the front line soldiers. Unfortunately, not all of them survive this war. But luckily, they are not alone. The Italian army is much bigger. Lots of people are currently fighting in silence. They don’t want rewards. They do it with genuine open hearts. And this is beautiful. Artisans are creating masks and gloves for those in need. And not for business, for free. Teachers are working day and night trying to find new ways to entertain kids at home so that mums can work with fewer interruptions. Fitness trainers are giving free classes online. Artists are sharing their art digitally, for free. And the list can go on and on. And this is beautiful. This is beautiful because we see a country coming together. Helping each other. everybody is putting their own skills at the service of others. This is Italy. This is love.