It’s August, and yes, we are still fighting against the COVID19 and its dramatic consequences. We are all aware of the negative impact this virus had, still has and will have on our lives and economy. But for many industries, this can also be a chance to reinvent themselves. For the past 15 years, everybody did only one thing: running. Running against time. Running faster than competitors. Running, no matter where to. Consumers were running. Brands were running. Factories were running. We got to the point that the real luxury was  “time”.  Can you believe it? But now we cannot run anymore. We have been forced to stop. Factories have been forced to slow down. Consumers cannot go shopping as before. Brands cannot offer the same experiences as before. The world around us is changing. And it looks like it’s collapsing. And here the opportunity comes. There is no other choice for brands than reinventing their business models. Especially when it comes to fashion, it’s becoming obvious that fast fashion is not sustainable anymore. It’s not for the production system, it’s not for the consumers, it’s not for the environment. That means that it’s the time of quality. That quality that we have lost in the past years. That quality that even luxury brands have compromised, in exchange for quantity. In a normal situation, experiential luxury would be the answer. Buying something quality made, should not just a transaction process. Should be an experience. It’s not about the item itself, it’s about the story of this item, before, during and after the purchase. Being a bespoke company, Eliiss strongly believe in this. Every Eliiss bespoke item created has a story to tell and it’s your story. But COVID19 is challenging also those companies, who actually wants to focus on quality and experiences. How can brands offer experiences, if the social distance is crucial to win against the virus? Luckily this virus came during a digital era. Instead of focusing on what we cannot do, let’s find new ways to do what we want to do. And of course, the digital solutions are the answer. There are plenty of ways to interact with each other. Our phones are now full of apps for video meetings and video calls. A few years ago we were assuming that a video call was done via Skype. Now we need to specify which app to use for the next video call. This can only be an opportunity. Maybe it’s true, coming to Tuscany to design your Eliiss pair of shoes it’s more complicated now. But if we can have a video call with our parents on the other side of the world, if we can work remotely for our bosses, if we can have aperitivos online with our friends, why can’t we also live experiences in a digital way? So we have decided to bring the bespoke experience online, having remote designer consultations, even more sessions when needed. Sending our customers our leather samples. And finding always an answer for every desire. Because if you have a passion and you believe in good, there is always a way. So let’s stop complaining about what we cannot do anymore and let’s all find new ways to find new paths. Because it’s only by finding new paths that we can win. And we will win.