Let’s admit it, when it comes to finding the perfect anniversary gift, that gift that makes your beloved think you are simply the best, we are all running out of ideas. But what if you could surprise her with something that might go beyond her imagination? What if you could bring her to Tuscany – the artisanal capital of the world – where an Italian designer, together with talented Italian artisans, will be at her service in order to create her very own bespoke artisanal piece? The same hands that have created Jimmy Choo and Chanel shoes can be at her service, to create something truly unique. One of our first client was actually an anniversary gift client. He wanted to surprise his wife with something unusual and unpredictable and we worked together in order to create a unique surprise.

A very special shoe box was created for the occasion to give her on the anniversary day. But it was not a common shoe box. Inside,  there was an unusual surprise: not a pair of shoes, but an invitation to go to Tuscany for a few days, where an Italian designer and a team of artisans were waiting for her to create her magical Cinderella shoes. She could not believe it!

We tailor-made the whole 4 days holiday: personal drivers, Four Seasons Hotel in Florence, Michelin Star restaurants, Finest wine and gastronomic tours and of course, the magical Eliiss shoe experience, which ended up with a pair of beautiful Cinderella shoes. The first day was dedicated of course to the Eliiss Shoe experience. We first visited the small family factory where the shoe experts explained all the secrets of the art of shoemaking. We then moved into the production area where the guests could watch the artisans in action. At that time the artisans were working on a Chanel production. For the designing phase, we moved to Villa Artimino, a spectacular Medici Villa in the area, where the shoe designer was waiting for us in order to start the creation. A fireplace with some Tuscan wine and food was the perfect atmosphere to start making something fabulous. And the pair of Cinderella shoes were designed. The same night the personal driver took them to the Tuscan seaside, where they visited a friend who owns one of the most famous wineries in Tuscany. They spent the night and the morning after there. But a Holiday is not a holiday without a bit of time off, so the day after the personal driver took the guests back to Florence, where they had a bit of time off for more shopping and relaxing around the city. It was Christmas time, one of the best time of the year visititi Florence. And for dinner, another amazing experience was waiting for them: the Enoteca Pinchiorri.

And to end the holiday with another authentic Tuscan experience, we organised a Tuscan gastronomic tour, during which a personal driver and a first-class wine expert took them to taste the authentic genuine homemade Tuscan food in typical small Tuscan villages. And of course, the wine tasting came along. The wine expert not only explained the whole wine production process but took them in places usually closed to the public, allowing them to taste some of the most famous wine in the world, in some of the most secrets spots in Tuscany. The day ended with another Michelin Star dinner at the famous Arnolfo Restaurant:

“Our trip to Tuscany was a fairytale come true…..the excellent care and meticulous attention to every detail by the Eliiss team took us beyond the Cinderella moment, which resulted in a pair of shoes fit for royalty, on to a culinary and gastronomic journey of Tuscany. Our four-day visit to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary was tailored to our tastes and by far surpassed our very high expectations. At the end of the day we were left with beautiful memories which we will treasure for ever