When Eliiss had been launched, we had one mission in mind: to let our clients rediscover the beauty of creating their unique pieces of Italian fashion, with that high-end touch that luxury fashion houses, with their current fast-fashion approach, have lost with years. We wanted to reset the concept of luxury and let our clientele become at the centre of the creation process. 

We always believed that it’s not just about the end result (yes a unique piece of Italian fashion, designed and handcrafted just for you). It’s much more than this. It’s the experience of creating it from scratch, of letting your imagination run free, that it’s simply magical. 

Unfortunately, COVID 19 took also this away from us, for now.  But how could we give to our clients the possibility to experience the magic behind the creation of their Italian bespoke item, without the need to be in Italy, due to the current situation? 

The web is full of customising softwares that give you the chance to personalise an existing design by simply clicking here and there. To be honest, we thought about having such a tool for Eliiss too, but the more we were thinking about it, the more we felt it would have not been honest to Eliiss and our core values.

We don’t want our client to simply add a personal touch to an existing design with a few clickable options. This is not what we mean when we talk about bespoke. We are not ready to lose that profound, creative, inspiring human interaction with expert designers and artisans that turn a client’s dream into a unique, personal piece of art. So we decided to abandon this digital solution. 

But closing our doors, doing nothing and staying watching this situation passing by was definitely not an option. 

So after many virtual brainstorming with artisans, designers, suppliers and the rest of the team, we realised that what we were actually doing (brainstorming via video conference, without being in the same room) could have been done also with our clients. So why not trying to recreate that traditional Eliiss bespoke experience, keeping that profound human interaction that we didn’t want to lose, but adding a virtual touch to it? 

And that’s how Eliiss virtual bespoke experiences have born. So how does it work? The process is very simple. 

  1. FIRST DESIGNER CONSULTATION: After the booking has been confirmed, we set up a first video consultation with you and the designer. This is the equivalent of the traditional first brainstorming phase, in which you let your imagination run free and the designer translates your dreams into first sketches. Visual material like photos, designs etc will be provided.
  2. MEASUREMENTS: In case it’s a dress or a pair of shoes, the designer will also make sure to get your right measurements/sizes and will guide you through this phase step by step.
  3. MATERIAL SAMPLES: You will receive at home a sample of the chosen material or more samples in case you are still not sure about materials and colours. So that you can touch them, feel them and see them with your own eyes.
  4. ARTISANS IN ACTION: Once that the material has been selected, our artisans will start working on your creation.
  5. SHIPPING: When ready, you will receive your ELIISS creation at home, with a photo-book of the creation process.

So, if you are dreaming of your bespoke Italian piece of fashion, made in Tuscany and designed just for you and with you, but without leaving your home, here we are, ready to bring a piece of Tuscany wherever you are. You just need to send us an email and we will start from there. 

For bigger events, we have different solutions that allow your guests to personalise an Eliiss design with the help of printed materials, personalisation kits and material samples. For more info don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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