Have you ever wondered where your Jimmi Choo or your Chanel décolleté come from? Well, many of you might already know that they are Made in Italy. But to be precise, most of them they are made in Tuscany.  And have you ever wondered why Ferragamo moved to Florence, Tuscany, at a young age, to start his luxury career? Well, the answer is simple: it’s in Tuscany where the art of shoemaking has been handed down from generation to generation and today we can still find shoe family businesses with a strong craftsmanship tradition.

Luxury fashion houses can’t compromise on quality production so even if their departments are based abroad, they still have their shoe production in Tuscany, where there is the strongest shoe making know-how.

When Eliiss was born we were looking for the same strong know-how of the luxury fashion houses. The search was not easy. But one day we found gold. We stepped into this small family shoe factory and by looking around we could feel that we might have found the right place. The artisans were working on Jimmy Choo shoes that day and they were explaining us the meticulous process necessary to make a perfect shoe. The attention to perfection was at the highest level. The quality check was impeccable. Each shoe needed to pass the rigid quality check, one by one. We were curious and we asked why all the best shoes in the world are actually coming from Italy, and in particular Tuscany. Why such a small factory was actually working for some of the biggest and finest brands in the world. And the answer was simple: because we (Tuscan artisans) are the only ones who know the secrets of the art of shoemaking. Experience is not something you can teach. Experience is something that runs in your blood.”

We were so excited by the idea of having such talented artisans ready to work also for Eliiss shoes and the collaboration started right after. As part of our Eliiss shoe experience, we always include the tour of the production area, where guests can see the artisans at work and where they could see all the behind the scenes of the luxury shoe production. Watching artisans while they are making a Made in Italy luxury shoe is always exciting and very special.

We are very grateful we found such talented collaborators and we are proud to say that thanks to them. every pair of shoes signed by Eliiss, is simply a piece of art.