Have you ever wondered why does the finest quality of shoes, bags, and leather accessories come from Tuscany? Well, the answer is easy.  In the Middle Ages and the Renaissance Tuscany and in particular Florence, was known all over the world for its skilled craftsmen: leather tanners, shoemakers, silk embroiderers, wool workers etc. The art of craftsmen-ship never disappeared and has been meticulously passed down through generations. And today, there still authentic artisans who work like the old times.
You can meet today’s passionate artisans who are driven by ingenuity and enthusiasm. Artisans who are a living embodiment of an idea taken from Saint Francis of Assisi, who said: “he, who works with his hands and his head and his heart, is an artist”.
These artists are Florence’s craftsmen and working in trades that were first created in the Renaissance and that continue on today. Most of the famous fashion houses have still their production here: Chanel, Jimmy Choo, Gucci, Armani, Cavalli, Ferragamo etc. Because, as our artisans say, the know-how is not something you can teach, but it runs in your blood. And at Eliiss we are proud to introduce you to this magical world where, together with authentic artisans,  you can create your very own piece of art.