When it comes to choosing a restaurant for our guests, there is one choice that is always on the list: the Enoteca Pinchiorri, a Feast for the Senses.
A 3 stars Michelin restaurants in the heart of Florence. One of the best in Italy.
An expert staff, working in concert, with plenty of time and care to lavish on their customers. A kitchen that excels in the search for and preparation of the finest raw materials, in creativity, in the mastery of cooking techniques. Service that’s extremely attentive, without being invasive.
Every detail is scrupulously overseen; every element, from stemware to silverware to China, is the result of careful research of the offerings from the finest, most innovative manufactories.
And for those who love wines, you are in the right place. The wine cellar, with its selection of over 4000 wines, is a chest overflowing with treasures discovered, collected and conserved by sommelier Giorgio Pinchiorri, over a 50-year course of research and passion. A wine cellar which Giorgio’s teacher, Luigi Veronelli, described as “immense, legendary, inimitable“. The menu is simply spectacular, and we could not agree more when they call themselves “a feast for senses”.

The Enoteca Pinchiorri is not a restaurant, is a whole experience. And every Eliiss guest who has been there, can’t stop thanking us for having included this in the Eliiss Holiday Package.